Feature Toggle

For software development teams, toggles are a method of turning code on or off remotely without having to deploy. They can be used for canary releases, A/B testing, and continuous deployment.

Also known as "feature switches," feature toggles have a variety of uses in apps and infrastructure. The most common use is to mitigate risk, such as releasing features incrementally or in waves.

How Do Feature Toggles Work?

Feature toggle controls feature behavior at runtime. They are crucial for features such as flagging, which can be turned on or off at a user’s discretion. Toggles are typically added to codebases to control program logic at runtime. In code, they are wrapped so that only the status of the toggle determines which logic is executed. If a user sets a feature toggle to “on”, then the wrapped logic is executed.

The Value Of Feature Toggles

Feature flagging is a tool that allows you to release changes to your application in small batches. This means that if something goes wrong, the feature can be disabled until it’s fixed. For a website or mobile app, this means you can turn off features that are no longer needed or in an emergency where a feature needs to be fixed.

Feature toggles are used to test changes on a small subset of users before rolling them out to the entire userbase. They can be useful for verifying the impact of new features, but they also empower teams to ensure that no changes affect their users in the wrong ways.

Feature Toggles & Continuous Delivery

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) is a software development process in which software can be released to production at any time. In a world where software development teams are expected to fix bugs quickly, companies have adopted CI/CD to increase productivity and reduce bug-prone releases.

A feature flag is a way to control the visibility of a piece of code in an application. It can be used to implement continuous integration (CI) or continuous delivery (CD) without having to merge unfinished features into the main codebase.

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