What is Taplytics Experience Cloud?

Taplytics is an Intelligent Customer Experience Platform that enables brands to deliver compelling, personalized experiences.
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Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences

The Taplytics Experience Cloud powers personalized customer experiences with artificial intelligence.  The AI-powered cloud suite has an integrated portfolio of experimentation, engagement and analytics solutions to help brands create holistic, data-driven experiences filled with magic moments.

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What is Taplytics

AI Powered

Power your digital strategy with AI so you can focus on executing solutions rather than finding problems.

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Experimentation Engine

Discover what experience delights each customer the most, through iteration and experimentation at all touchpoints and in all channels.

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Engagement Engine

Develop pathways that guide customers through contextually relevant journeys and execute on magic moments across all digital channels.

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Taplytics Analytics

Build custom analytics and dashboards to understand results and share conclusions across the organization securely.

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Launch Control

Reduce the risk of introducing new features to your experience by rolling them out incrementally.

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Data Warehouse

Host all customer data in one place. This enables effective analysis by Dexter, our artificial intelligence sidekick, and breaks down barriers between channels.

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Brands we Help

Brands We Help