Taplytics Enterprise Services

We partner with product and marketing teams of all maturity levels to create incredible digital experiences. From executing experiments at a high velocity to building the fundamentals of a robust testing process, we work with you to develop a tailored program that will help your team reach your business goals.

Experimentation Leadership

A/B test like the pros with an experimentation strategy tailored to your needs by our team of experts.

Optimization Consulting

Get a custom-built optimization plan that will help you move the needle on your top growth goals across channels.

Full System Management

Have our team run the day-to-day operations of Taplytics so that you can focus on your business.

Enterprise Team Enablement

Build your team’s experimentation and optimization skills via personalized training programs.

  • Experimentation Leadership: Have experts create your A/B testing strategy

    Get an A/B testing program that will quickly have you experimenting like the best in the business. We’ll work with you to define a testing strategy based on our experimentation methodology, and come up with experiments based on your goals, roadmap and more. Then, we’ll help you create an internal process for running tests, and manage and prioritize your experiment backlog. We’ll also meet regularly with your team to keep you on track and refine your plan so that you remain focused on your core business.

  • Optimization Consulting: Achieve your growth goals faster

    Let our team of optimization pros create a plan designed to help you improve retention, engagement, and conversion rates across channels. First, we’ll audit your mobile app, push notification strategy, website, user flows, and more to identify strategic opportunities for growth, based on industry best practices and benchmarks. Then we’ll develop a tailored plan to help you drive growth in the areas that matter most based on the data, tools, and resources you currently have available. We’ll also work with your team to execute on the plan and report on results so that you know you’re on track to hit your KPIs.

  • System Management: Run A/B tests—without lifting a finger

    Take full advantage of the Taplytics platform from Day 1 by having our team manage every aspect of your optimization strategy and execution from end-to-end. Our strategists will work seamlessly with your team by creating a plan that aligns to your goals and internal processes. Then they’ll own the ideation, execution, and analysis of Taplytics. They’ll build A/B tests for web and mobile, create push notification campaigns, and make content recommendations, in addition to managing your experiment backlog and reporting on your program’s results on an ongoing basis.

  • Enterprise Enablement: Turn your team into optimization experts

    Grow your team’s experimentation skills with personalized training programs from our optimization experts. We’ll create custom workshops based your goals or specific projects you want to tackle. We can design training around building experimentation programs, planning better push messaging, or anything else your team wants to improve. Then we’ll facilitate design sprints, brainstorming or training sessions that will get your team prepared to execute on their own.

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