Our Philosophy on Data Privacy & Security

Data privacy and security is one of the most important issues of our time

Taplytics was made to help enterprise companies design and deliver engaging product and marketing experiences for their customers. We believe that these experiences help strengthen relationships between companies and their customers, but they need to be done in a way that respects data privacy and builds trust. We created the Taplytics platform with data privacy and security at the core.

Built With Data Security & Privacy In Mind

We made the Taplytics platform from the ground up with unparalleled data security, making it possible for our customers to securely leverage user data in their product and marketing experiences—without putting anyone's privacy at risk.

Single-Tenant & On-Premises Capabilities

We offer customers several installation options, including single-tenant cloud installs, ideal for security-conscious companies. For companies who demand the highest level of security, we also support on-premises installation, which lets companies run Experience Cloud on their own servers.

Own Your Encryption Keys

We’re one of the only vendors in our space who allow our customers to own their encryption keys for both single-tenant cloud and on-premises installs—ensuring only they have access to their customer data.

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