Introducing The Taplytics Experience Cloud

Deliver remarkable product and marketing experiences at scale. Powered by artificial intelligence, Experience Cloud combines powerful customer lifecycle marketing and product optimization engines to offer personalized in-app and marketing experiences that convert first-time users into lifelong customers.

Customer Lifecycle Marketing

Engage customers across their entire lifecycle by crafting deeply personalized, seamless, omni-channel campaigns

  • Powerful Messaging Capabilities

    Keep customers engaged using push notifications, email, and in-app messaging that intelligently sends the right message at exactly the right time—triggered by in-app behaviour, user-attributes, and our intelligent assistant, Dexter.

  • Omnichannel Personalization

    Offer unique experiences to every customer using their behavior, preferences, and data to personalize what they see in your product and the messages they receive from your brand—dramatically improving customer loyalty.

  • Journey Builder

    Design highly personalized, omnichannel product and marketing experiences using our drag-and-drop customer Journey Builder canvas. Seamlessly connect in-app experiences to push and email messages to drive engagement.

Product Optimization

Create personalized marketing experiences for your customers that automatically engage and convert them in the most personal and authentic way possible.

  • A/B Testing

    Experiment, validate, and optimize everything your customers see—including mobile, web, product, marketing campaigns, and even entire experiences, using powerful server-side and client-side experimentation.

  • Launch Control

    Feature flags for every platform your users are on. Take control of your releases and launch updates without app store approvals, roll out new features to subsets of users, or roll back new releases instantly with the click of a button.

  • Detailed Analytics

    Make product decisions driven by data—not just your gut. Use events and parameters you’re already tracking as conversion goals, and get detailed analytics and reports that measure the impact of the changes you make to your product.

Built With Data Security & Privacy In Mind

Remarkable customer experiences need to be personalized, and personalization requires user data. Taplytics was built with unparalleled security at its core to let companies securely leverage data—without putting their users at risk.

  • Securely Connect To Your Existing Data

    Data security doesn’t have to slow you down. Securely connect to your existing data infrastructure and use that data to create whole new experiences for customers that just weren't possible before.

  • Single-Tenant & On-Premise Capabilities

    Taplytics supports single-tenant cloud installations, perfect for security-conscious companies. Prefer not to use the cloud? Taplytics also supports on-premises installation, giving you the ability to run Experience Cloud on your own secure servers.

  • Own Your Own Encryption Keys

    Maintain full control over your user data at all times. Whether you choose a single-tenant or on-premises installation, Taplytics gives you the ability to own your encryption keys, ensuring only your company has access to it.