Push Notification Best Practices for Customer Personalization

Personalization has been the talk of the mobile industry for quite some time now. The question is no longer why, but how. Email marketing has remained a popular way to reach customers with personalized messages, but many brands overlook the power of push notifications because of users’ fatigue with them. We’re not saying that you need to choose one or the other here. Using both email and push notifications, togetherRead more

20+ Push Notification Ideas to Drive User Engagement and Retention

When 85% of mobile users are in agreement that push notifications are useful when they add value, the question isn’t if you should use push notifications, but how. There are many ways to leverage push notifications and ways to communicate value to your users. Here are a few ideas to get you started and get going on engagement and retention! Retention Push Notifications Getting your users to sign upRead more

In house push notification checklist

Everything You Need to Build an in-House Push Notification Tool

With all the talk about push notifications, it’s easy to get excited and want to build a push notification tool or system of your own. But with all that excitement, we want to make sure you’re ready to take on this challenge. This is going to be a group effort, so make sure you share this with all your teammates to make sure you’re all on the same pageRead more

How to Properly Increase Push Notification Engagement with Customers

HINT: It’s not by sending more push notifications Push notifications have become a popular way of engaging customers in a brand’s mobile app similar to how email connects customers to websites. We have seen many brands using tactics like personalized marketing to improve push notification engagement, but we have also seen that the number of notifications being sent daily has greatly increased. Due to the volume of push notifications,Read more