Website Personalization - Best Practices

Best Practices for Website Personalization

What is website personalization? Website personalization is creating customized experiences for each user when they visit your website. These unique experiences are tailored to your users’ needs and help them find value they would get out of your website. Examples of personalization There are lots of examples of personalization IRL, like baristas knowing their regular customers’ orders the minute they come into the coffee shop, or sales clerks speakingRead more

The decision-making frameworks that help companies like Amazon, Pinterest, and Shopify get more growth

In the early days of building a product, you’re often just a small team sitting around a room. It’s easy to move quickly — all it takes to get started is turning to the person next to you. If you’re not careful, development grinds to a halt. Figuring out how to scale decision-making from a small group to a larger company with multiple teams becomes a matter of survival.Read more