Results-Driven Mobile Analytics.

None of the waste, only actionable data, that is set up easily and tied directly to your A/B tests and push notifications.

Out-of-the-Box Insights

As soon as you install the Taplytics SDK, without any other setup, you'll be getting valuable information about your app. From acquisition to engagement, even detailed retention graphs, we give you the insights you need, to understand how your app is performing day-in and day-out.

Complete Data Transportability

With our bevy of 3rd party integrations, as well as our comprehensive REST API, you can be comfortable in knowing that you own your data.

We make it easier than any other platform to use data from 3rd party platforms or take your data with you wherever you need it, making omnichannel strategies easier than you ever thought possible.

Granular User Data

User Insights gives you rich insights about your users and how they interact with your app.

Easily see every screen and element your users interact with, know which devices they are using, and which experiences they received. All meant to help you understand how to serve them better.

Infinitely Customizable Goals

Never be forced to use standardized goals in your experimentation again. We give you an amazing amount of power and flexibility to completely customize the goals you set up.

Whether you are using Taplytics events or events set up in a 3rd party analytics platform, we make it easy to track what's most important to you.