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All-in-one A/B testing and feature management

Flexible deployment options via API, client-side, server-side, or on-premise

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All-In-One Product Growth

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Protect Customer Privacy

  • Visual, Code-free A/B testing on web and mobile
  • Both Client Side and Server Side Options
  • Flexible API and SDK-free deployments
  • Connected messaging features
  • Balance personalization & experimentation with customer data privacy
  • GDPR
  • EU Privacy Shield
  • HIPAA compliant

+ much more

Personalization Across All Your Users

Fastest & Most Reliable

Feature Management System


Slack Support

  • Personalize every experiment and experience
  • No audience reach limits
  • No domain or sub-domain limits
  • No user seat limits
  • Edge deployment for sub 50ms response times
  • Enterprise grade performance SLA
  • Undisrupted with 99.9% uptime
  • Best in class service
  • Responsive support and customer success team
  • Training and onboarding
  • Taplytics Growth Framework assessment

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