Amazing product experiences aren't created in silos — both the customers' and the business' interests are considered while continuously iterating on the product.

In our first ever State of Product Management Report, we've conducted our study with 160 different Product Managers at leading B2B and B2C companies specifically focusing on customer feedback and what it takes to deliver amazing product experiences.

The State of Product Management

Creating Magical Moments with Customer Feedback

Learn what 160 PMs from companies such as Microsoft, Amazon & Roadmunk shared in how they use customer feedback to deliver delightful product experiences


How to Prioritize

The rationale of why and how PMs actually prioritize what features to ship.

Tools You Can Use

The Importance of Customer Feedback

To help you understand where your team needs focus to become customer-oriented.

Learn about what tools are most frequently used by the 160 PMs who took part in our study.

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