Push Notification Examples curated by Taplytics

Get inspired with examples we’ve handpicked from industry leading apps that will keep your customers engaged and coming back to your apps. Chat with our team to see how we can help with driving engagement and sales with Taplytics Push Notificiations!
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Marketing Push Notifications

Marketing push notifications can come in many different forms such as promotional flash sale type push notifications and announcements that are not so frequent. Here are a few that have captured our attention.

Engagement Push Notifications Examples

Engagement push notifications should engage the user in some way and spur the user to take an action within your app. A sound engagement strategy should keep users coming back and reinforcing the utility of your app.

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Retention Push Notification Examples

In a sea of other apps, retention push notifications can mean the difference in losing a user forever or convincing you that your app deserves your attention and continues provide value in your app drawer.

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Transactional Push Notification Examples

As the name already implies, they are transactional in nature, but should be designed to informative, useful and inform the user of things such as the status of their account personal or otherwise. They can also be used to send pushes around events that happen outside of your app, or programming push notifications that are aligned with your app’s business logic. Here are a few that we think are pretty good:

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