Web A/B Testing

Test website visuals and copy, or experiment with entire pages and UI flows for specific user segments. Then, sit back and watch your conversion rates grow.

Flexible Web Experimentation Tools

Launch code-free A/B tests or powerful code-based experiments and see the results in a single platform.

Customizable Distribution

Run randomized tests or target specific users by location, device, past behavior, or custom attributes you define.

User- & Device-Based Bucketing

Make your users’ experiences personalized and consistent no matter which device they visit your site with.

Goal Tracking & Reporting

Measure the impact tests have on your key metrics and let our AI assistant suggest ideas for improvement.

Web A/B Testing

Launch Web Experiments With Ease

Whether you’re a marketer looking to test copy and visual changes, or a developer looking to experiment with new designs or flows, Taplytics makes doing both fast and intuitive.

  • Visual Website Optimizer

    Optimize your website with our point-and-click Visual Editor. Quickly set up A/B tests for copy, graphics, buttons, and more—without any coding or engineering help required.

  • Code-Based A/B Testing

    Completely change your website’s look, feel or flow using powerful code-based experiments. Change what viewers see using our advanced targeting capabilities.

  • Experimentation Dashboard

    Easily assign permissions for team members, see what experiments are currently running, and view the results of your A/B tests from a single dashboard.

Website Personalization

Build Personalized Web Experiences

Have specific audiences see the experiences or experiments you want them to with our robust segmentation capabilities.

  • Custom Test Distribution

    Run tests on a randomized sampling of website visitors, or target your experiments based on user attributes, campaign source, and more.

  • Personalized Website Content

    Change what users see based on preset attributes like location, device, and more. Set up custom attributes to serve up relevant experiences.

  • Cross-Channel Consistency

    Make your website reflect your user’s interaction with marketing campaigns, mobile app usage or behavior on other devices through our integrations.

Website Optimization

Leverage Data & Optimize With Confidence

Understand which experiences are driving conversions and impacting your key success metrics. Or, let our AI assistant suggest your next move.

  • Goal Tracking

    Build custom conversion paths for almost any event on your website. Get real-time results and rollout changes quickly.

  • Flexible Reporting

    Build custom reports using data from Taplytics experiments and third-party systems with our flexible integrations.

  • AI Assistant

    Have Dexter, our helpful AI assistant, offer ideas for what you can experiment with next on your website.

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