Mobile A/B testing for iOS, Android, & Mobile Web

Confidently improve your product and drive engagement with split and multivariate testing for mobile apps.

Robust Experimentation

Launch powerful code-based or code-free visual experiments—without app store updates.

Targeted Distribution & Bucketing

Create tests for random groups of users, or target user segments based on a variety of attributes.

Mobile Engagement Reporting

See your test results in real-time, and track in-app conversions with hassle-free integrations.

Available for iOS, Android & Mobile Web

A/B test, personalize and measure engagement across every version of your app.

Mobile A/B Testing

Run A/B Tests & Iterate Faster

Quickly improve on your mobile app by testing everything your users interact with—no app store updates or reviews required.

  • Work Code-Based Or Code-Free

    Use the Code Variable Library to launch powerful code-based changes to your app, or use the Visual Editor to test visual elements and copy just by pointing and clicking.

  • Manage Test Groups Easily

    Rollout experiments to a random set of users, or target your tests based on device, location, past behavior and other attributes. Add or remove users based on your findings.

  • Collaborate With Your Team

    Use the Experiment Dashboard to see who’s working on what, review past experiments, and build a more collaborative approach to mobile A/B testing across your team.

Mobile Personalization

Personalize The Mobile Experience

Give users personalized in-app experiences tailored to their behavior and preferences.

  • Customize Your App's Appearance

    Trigger changes to your app’s content, menu and messages based on user demographics, in-app behavior, or data pulled from third-party systems, like past purchases.

  • Control New Feature Launches

    Use our Launch Control feature flagging tool to test app updates on small groups of mobile users before launching to everyone. Once you're satisfied with the results, schedule a full rollout.

  • Send Personalized Push Notifications

    Test your push notification content, timing, and opt-in flow. Build automated push campaigns based on user attributes like days since last login, email opens, and more.

Mobile App Analytics

Drive Engagement and Retention

Understand how changes to your app impact user behavior, adoption and retention with our flexible reporting capabilities and integrations.

  • Get Real-time Mobile A/B Test Results

    Quickly see the impact experiments are having on your mobile users, and have the winning variants deployed automatically. Filter test results to gain more insights.

  • Customize The Goals You Track

    Track out-of-the-box metrics like clicks, views and time spent in-app. Or, set up custom goal paths and reports tailored to your business’ key metrics using our hassle-free integrations.

  • Own Your Mobile Experiment Data

    Use Taplytics BigQuery to run queries on your mobile experiment data and build customized dashboards. Export Taplytics data into third-party systems for a deeper analysis.

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