Deliver remarkable product experiences that your customers will love.

Move the needle on your customer's experience by optimizing everything they can see and touch. Industry-leading experimentation and robust feature flagging capabilities make creating engaging product experiences a possibility for every development team.

A/B Testing

Omnichannel Experimentation Across Devices

The Taplytics experimentation engine helps teams launch A/B tests, validate their decisions, and optimize everything—including mobile, web, product, campaigns, journeys, and more.

  • Optimize Everything Customers See

    Make quick changes to your product using our point-and-click Visual Editor, or launch powerful code-based experiments to optimize screens, entire user flows and more.

  • Launch Targeted Experiments

    Make sure the right users see the right experiments. Target specific users by their location, platform, behavior, or custom data and strategically roll out new variations or features.

  • Robust Goal Tracking & Reporting

    Launch experiments and easily measure the results they’re having on conversion rates, or share that data with third-party systems for additional analysis.

Launch Control

Full Control Over App Updates With None Of The Risk

Take control of your releases by rolling out updates to subsets of users over time to test and measure their performance. Don’t like the results? Turn back the clock with our immediate rollback feature and go back to the drawing board.

  • Launch Without App Store Approvals

    Make quick changes to your app and launch updates on-the-fly without going through an app store approval process.

  • Rollback App Updates With Ease

    Something wrong with your latest update? Turn back the clock quickly to minimize impact.

  • Time Releases With Sales & Marketing

    Launch updates when it makes sense for the business. Execute perfectly-timed product launches with sales and marketing campaigns that move the needle on growth.

Visual Editor

Optimize Your Mobile App Without Code

Launch code-free experiments and optimize your mobile app using our Visual Editor—a point-and-click powerhouse that allows you to optimize your app with virtually no engineering support.

  • Optimize With Impact

    Visual Editor enables marketers to optimize the most critical areas of their app, including conversion elements, visual elements, text, offers, and more.

  • Point-And-Click Editor

    Plug your device into your computer, load up your app, and begin editing virtually anything you can see and touch.

  • Push Updates On-The-Fly

    Updates made with Visual Editor don’t require complicated app store updates, so you can make changes on-the-fly and push them to your users in seconds.

Data Storage & Analytics

Robust Data Storage & Analytics Capabilities

Measure the impact of your product updates and experiments and share that data across the organization by connecting it with third-party data platforms. Use the insight you’ve gathered to optimize the entire user journey.

  • Complete Data Accessibility

    Use data and events from any source, and send all captured data anywhere across the organization with our Data Warehouse.

  • Measure Your Impact

    Get detailed analytics reports that measure the impact of your product updates or experiments, and integrate them with third-party data platforms.

  • Stress-Free Data Integrations

    Use any events or parameters you’re already tracking today as conversion goals—no additional tagging or engineering help required.