We don’t believe in one‑size‑fits‑all pricing

Every customer we serve has unique needs and goals. Whether you're just getting started with experimentation, or you already have systems in place for engaging your customers, we’ll build you a tailored solution that integrates seamlessly with your existing stack.

What Sets Us Apart

We’re passionate about helping the world’s most innovative companies delight their customers with personalized product experiences and marketing messages. The Taplytics Experience Cloud's robust feature set makes engaging customers across all digital channels possible.

Complete Journey Management

Creating engaging journeys tailored to your users' preferences and behaviors.

True Personalization

Treat your customers like individuals rather than segments to demonstrate that you understand them.

Omnichannel Experimentation

Keep customers engaged on every platform with the version of your product they love the most.


Spend less time identifying problems and spend more time solving them.

Single Customer View

Combine data from both online and offline sources to develop a single, integrated customer profile.

Flexible Data & Reporting

Obsess over every customer detail, organized however you would like.

Data Security & Privacy

Securely leverage customer data to deliver personalized experiences—without putting their privacy at risk.

With the Taplytics Experience Cloud you get…

Web & Mobile Experimentation
Advanced User Analytics
Omnichannel Messaging
Custom Dashboards & Visualization
Campaign Management
Digital Personalization
Real-Time Data
Feature Flags & Rollouts
Account Roles & Permissions
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1.6 Billion +

devices reached through experimentation so far


of individual events processed per month


of unique experiences created to date

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