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August 2018: Taplytics brings in experienced SaaS leader Andrew Hastings as Vice President of Marketing to lead the company’s marketing and growth strategies.
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Q&A with RetailTechNews and Aaron Glazer, CEO, Taplytics, explains the role AI can play in ensuring retailers continue to tailor experiences in the mobile age.

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MarTech Today

Mobile needs to amp up its game. Sure, marketers are creating mobile programs within a broader omnichannel strategy, but just reaching out to customers on their devices isn’t enough.

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MarTech Advisor

One problem with mobile marketing is that because of its popularity, everyone is doing it, which makes it tough to break through the noise. You’re spending money on app development, digital promotions and email marketing, but see no return. How do you fix this?

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Taplytics is announcing what it calls its “Intelligent Experience Cloud,” bringing together products for A/B testing, messaging, analytics and more.

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Chick-fil-A had to update its “Chick-fil-A One” app after misled customers complained about having no other way to pay for meals than to upload their money into the app. Now, the brand is seeing that change pay off.

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Loyalty360 talked to Jay Ramirez, Product Owner at Chick-fil-A, to find out more about Chick-fil-A’s customer experience/customer loyalty efforts with Taplytics

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