Rich Push Notification Management

Build engaging, personalized rich push notifications and campaigns for iOS and Android devices.

Rich Push Notification Manager

Create rich push notifications, schedule your campaign, and see the results in a single platform.

Segmentation & Personalized Triggers

Send personalized push campaigns based on user data, activity, device type, and other custom attributes.

Push Notification A/B Testing

Learn which content, visuals and timing are the most engaging to your general user base or specific user segments.

Push Notification Analytics

Understand which messages are impacting your key metrics, and integrate with third-party tools for more insights.

  • Better Manage Your Rich Push Notifications

    Build rich push notifications that include images, video, emojis and deep links. Schedule push campaigns based on your audiences’ timezone, and set up kill triggers so they don’t receive messages at the wrong time. Create automated transactional push notification sequences. Manage team members, and see all of your campaigns at a glance from our Push Dashboard. Need extra help? Ask about our push notification services.

  • Personalize Your Push Notifications

    Drive engagement with push notifications that feel customized to each user with our robust segmentation capabilities. Use custom attribute targeting to trigger push campaigns based on user behavior or characteristics (including geofencing). Send campaigns based on browsing history, proximity to a store or specific location, or if it’s been a while since a user engaged with your mobile app or made a purchase.

  • Optimize Push Messages With A/B Testing

    Run split tests to figure out which content, visuals and timing drive the most engagement. Send experiments to a random sampling of users, or target small segments of users to understand how they react to your push notifications. Have the winning push message sent to your larger user base, and see experiments results in real-time. Segment results based on user attributes for further analysis afterwards.

  • Understand The Impact Of Push On Your Key Metrics

    Improve your mobile marketing strategy with push analytics that bridges the gap between open rates and in-app engagement. Integrate Taplytics with your preferred third-party systems to see how push is impacting sales, retention, and more, and use Taplytics BigQuery to build custom reports. Create a holistic customer engagement strategy by connecting push campaigns to our Journey Builder and Mobile A/B Testing tools.

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