Email Marketing

Make it easy for your team to build and send personalized email campaigns that are integrated with your web and mobile marketing campaigns. Optimize your emails with A/B testing, and track their impact on your customer’s journey.

Team Email Management

Build email templates, assign team members different roles, and create approval flows (including localization requests).

Personalization & Segmentation

Send targeted email campaigns based on your customer’s attributes or recent activity on your website, app, and more.

Email A/B Testing & Experimentation

Experiment with email copy, visual changes, subject lines, timing, and more—no coding required.

Email Engagement Tracking

Understand how email is impacting customer engagement with our flexible reporting and tracking tools.

  • Simplify Email Marketing Management

    Make it easier for your teams to create and send email campaigns. Create re-usable email templates with our WYSIWYG editor. Assign team members permissions-based roles, track your team’s progress from the Email Dashboard, and send requests for approvals—including requests for localized versions of your email campaigns for different regions and languages.

  • Send Hyper-Personalized Email Campaigns

    Create emails that feel like they were written personally for each user. Segment your email campaigns based on customer attributes by pulling data from third-party systems using our Easy Query Builder. Create automated email sequences triggered by your customers’ behavior, including recent activity on your website or mobile app, new or past purchases, days since last login, and more. Customize messages with custom code variables to drive email engagement.

  • Optimize Email Campaigns With A/B Testing

    Design the most impactful emails through A/B testing. Experiment with email timing, appearance, and messages using our point-and-click, code-free Visual Editor. Define distribution based on random groups or targeted sets of users, and set up multiple email test variations. Then, have the winner sent to your broader customer base. See the impact on open rates or other custom conversion goals, and filter results by audience for more insights.

  • Drive & Measure Email Engagement

    See the open and click rates of your emails. Use the Goal Editor to set up conversion paths so you can track the impact email is having on your key metrics. Build custom reports with Taplytics BigQuery, or export raw email data from Taplytics to your preferred third-party systems for deeper analysis. Bring your mobile, push and email marketing campaigns together in our Journey Builder to create engaging messaging sequences that span channels and devices.

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