Push & Email Messaging

Send hyper-personalized push, email, and in-app messages based on your users’ behaviors or preferences—instead of your marketing team’s best guesses—and watch your engagement rates soar.

Robust User Segmenting & Triggers

Create highly-targeted campaigns with triggers based on user data, activity, device, or custom attributes from third-party systems.

Easy Push & Email A/B Testing

Experiment quickly with the content, visuals and timing of your messages on specific or random user groups.

Performance Measurement

See how your messages are impacting user behavior, or send raw data from Taplytics to third-party tools for deeper analysis.

AI-Powered Engagement

Have winning experiments automatically rolled-out to your broader user base, or let Dexter, our AI assistant, suggest the best ways to engage users.

Push Campaign Manager

Boost Engagement With Better Push Notifications

Create, test, and send push notifications and campaigns (for iOS and Android) using built-in messaging capabilities. Re-engage users based on personal preferences, demographics, behavior-based triggers or other custom attributes.

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  • Build Targeted Push Campaigns

    Schedule rich push campaigns for specific audiences. Automatically send relevant notifications or sequences based on location, in-app activity, or events that happen outside of your app by integrating with other third-party systems.

  • A/B Test Push Content, Timing, & More

    Experiment with the look, content, and timing of your push notifications. Target user segments based on device, location, or other custom user data, or experiment with small test groups. Set up immediate or timed rollouts to all of your users based on your findings.

  • Gain Insights & Optimize Quickly

    Measure the impact of Push experiments or send data via Taplytics BigQuery to your favorite analytics tool for added insights. Let our AI assistant, Dexter, suggest the ideal timing and channel for your messages and present users with the most effective version.

Email Campaign Manager

Send More Relevant Emails—With Less Effort

Build automated email sequences catered to your users’ attributes, preferences or activities. Experiment with any element of your email to build messaging journeys that engage customers (instead of annoying them).

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  • Easily Build & Test Email Campaigns

    Create re-usable email templates for your team, and customize them using a powerful WYSIWYG editor. Experiment on a small subset of users, and have the winner automatically sent to the rest of your audience.

  • Personalize Like Never Before

    Pull in Custom Variables from third-party sources to personalize email content, and use our Easy Query Builder to segment the right users fast.

  • Collaborate Across Teams

    Build campaigns faster by assigning permission-based roles, tracking progress and sending requests (including localizations for different regions) within one platform.

In-App Message A/B Testing

Create 1:1 Mobile Experiences

Test and personalize in-app messages with our experimentation and user segmentation features.

  • Experiment With Your Message Styles

    Change up the look and feel of your in-app message modals—including text, color, and images—with code variables or our Visual Editor tool.

  • Customize Content For User Segments

    Use our powerful segmentation engine to distribute messages to specific audiences based on their preferences, demographics, or behavior inside or outside of your app.

  • Measure Impact & Engagement

    Track which in-app messages are more impactful, and use Taplytics BigQuery to pull raw user engagement data into your existing analytics tool for further analysis.

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