Journey Builder

Design deeply personalized, omnichannel product and marketing journeys that offer 1:1 personalization at scale—all powered by AI.

Orchestrate powerful journeys that seamlessly blend product and marketing.

Create engaging, optimized customer journeys that are just as fun to build as they are for your customers to experience. Use the powerful drag-and-drop interface to design journeys that automatically engage, convert, and retain users.

Deliver highly personalized omnichannel experiences

  • Create Personalized In-App Experiences

    Offer unique in-app experiences for users based on their preferences and behavior. Experiences adapt over time as your users engage more with your brand.

  • Ensure Consistency Across Channels

    Create personalized experiences for customers across mobile, web and OTT that delivers relevant content and a consistent experience across channels.

  • Data-Driven Personalization

    Use customer behaviors, preferences, and data to personalize what they see in your app and the messages they receive from your brand.

Send relevant, real-time campaigns

  • Design 1-1 Marketing Experiences

    Journey Builder makes it easy to design 1-1 experiences that use customer data to provide the right mix of products, offers, and messages across every channel.

  • Engage On The Right Channel

    Send campaigns using push notifications, email, or in-app messaging, or let the Taplytics platform determine the best way to message users automatically throughout a journey.

  • Automate Campaigns

    Continuously engage and nurture your audience with personalized messages triggered by in-app behavior or custom user-attributes. Users are added into relevant journeys over time.

Build complex customer journeys—with one intuitive tool

  • Connect All The Pieces

    Seamlessly connect in-app experiences, marketing campaigns, feature releases, push notifications, emails, and experiments—all into a single user journey.

  • Optimization At Every Step

    Leverage the A/B testing and experimentation functionality built into Taplytics to optimize your customer journeys on-the-fly.

  • Leverage Customer Data

    Securely leverage customer data from every source—including real-time behavior gathered with the Taplytics SDK—to make changes to experiences in real-time.

More team collaboration, with less effort

  • Template Builder

    Dramatically improve how fast your team can create journeys by building and saving templates that can be used over and over again.

  • Role-Based Permissions

    Easily manage user permissions and control who can see specific journeys, who has editing rights, and who can launch completed campaigns to the world.

  • Localization Workflows

    Don’t let localization slow you down. Build campaigns, request localization from others on your team, and track progress from one interface.

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