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Everything you ever wanted to know about optimizing your mobile app

  • Analytics vs A/B Testing

    Analytics can only get you so far. A/B testing gives you the power of analytics with meaning baked right in.

  • Retention vs Acquisition

    Most apps lose 80% of their users within two sessions. If you don't spend time on retention, your acquisition cost will skyrocket.

  • The Dangers of User Interviews

    Actions always speak louder than words. Learn how A/B testing is the best way to understand what your users want.

  • Tips for A/B Testing

    Learn about a few potential pitfalls while A/B Testing so that you can be confident in your results.

  • Continuous Iteration

    Not everything is made better with continuous iteration, but you can be sure that every mobile app is.

  • Optimize your Login

    Most apps will loose 50% of their users on or before the first screen. Learn ways you can A/B test your login flow.

  • Setting Goals

    Learn more about the best practices for setting goals when A/B testing your mobile commerce application.

  • Calls to Action

    Don't be timid with your calls to actions. Drive your users to an action by being confident and A/B testing your calls to action.

  • Make it Easy

    Make your customer lives easy with a well thought out design. Learn more about the key factors that that will make your customers happy.

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