Feature Flags for Every Platform Your Users Are On

Control your releases and mitigate the risk of every product and feature launch.
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Feature Flagging

Create control groups to manage who experiences your new feature or product first before launching to other users.

Time Controlled Launches

Control your launch over time by rolling-out your new feature or product in small increments over a period of time.

Immediate Rollback

Immediately roll-back your newly launched feature or product without engineering.

Launch Analytics

Create and track any goal related to the launch to make sure you are measuring impact.

Mitigate risk

Rollback immediately without engineering support or app store update to mitigate the risk of negative customer experiences.

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Test before launching

Launch your product to a small subset of users and gather real user data to see how they are using your new product or feature.

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Automated launch roll-out

Worried about network traffic? Launch your product or feature to a small subset of users and over a set amount of time.

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