Is your product team business, product or customer-led?

User-oriented products aren't created with a single priority in mind — both the customers' and the business' interests are considered in development. 

With this balance, companies have both the user and revenue-based insights they need to sustain their business and continuously provide products that users love.

Learn about the three team types, and identify which your team is and how to become more customer-oriented.


Worksheet Questions

to help you understand where your team needs focus to become customer-oriented


from companies that operate with each of these team types

Actionable Advice

to become a more 

customer-led team 

 Aligning users' needs with business goals allows teams to build profitable, customer-oriented products. Serving both interests, companies can sustain their business and continuously provide users with products they love. 

To balance both business-driven and user-driven interests, your team has to be restructured. 

This E-book will walk through how each team type can be adjusted to prioritize both areas. With business and user interests all considered, your team will be set up to create products that are both customer-centric and profitable. 

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