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Don’t pay platforms to hijack your data

Omnichannel Data

There is a trend in mobile and web to think about marketing and development efforts from an Omni-channel perspective. Omni-channel is important because it naturally understands that a user interacts with your brand through more than one channel. The biggest challenge of Omni-channel strategies is making sure that each channel is deeply supported by data.


With the rise of mobile, there has been a commensurate rise in data collection. Almost every service you use as a consumer or business is trying to collect your data in an effort to make money off of it in some fashion.

This is especially true for analytics platforms, but for them, it’s really all about lock-in. These platforms create “stickiness” by forcing you to track your data in their specific ways and do not offer easy solutions for transporting your data elsewhere.

We believe that data transparency and portability should be a key feature of any great mobile marketing platform.

Our approach to data

At Taplytics, we take a fundamentally different approach to analytics data. We have three principles that we follow when it comes to this type of data, specifically data should be:

  1. seamlessly transportable
  2. easy to work with

Data should be seamlessly transportable

What we mean by this is that the systems and platforms you choose to work with should not require you to manage your data in new and unique ways. They should also allow you to export your analytics data however you choose to. Finally, you should be able to analyze your data wherever you choose to, not just on the platform where that data was collected.

At Taplytics, we offer a number of different tools and features that enable us to live up to the promise of seamlessly transportable data. First, our automatic 3rd party analytics integrations enable you to use 3rd party event triggers for your A/B tests right in Taplytics. At the same time, through these integrations, Taplytics automatically enhances your analytics data in any other system in real-time.

Just by installing the Taplytics SDK and enabling the integration for your 3rd party analytics provider, all A/B test data will be sent directly to your analytics platform of choice in real-time.

We also offer a complete REST API to export A/B test and analytics data from Taplytics directly to your servers or to any other platform of your choice.

Data should be easy to work with

The sentiment that data should be easy to work with flows directly from the concept of seamless transportability. You and your team probably have ways in which you analyze your data. These processes and workflows have developed over years. While they may not be perfect, they are efficient for you and your team. So many new platforms try to get you to adjust your process and workflow. The natural extension of data transportability is that we want you to keep working with your data in the way that you are used to.

We may provide tools on our own platform for those that want them, or find them to be better than their current tools. But, if you’ve spent years and countless dollars building an internal system that works for your app, we think you should stick with that system. We also think that any other platforms that you plug into, should not only be easy to work with, they should enhance your current capabilities.

Everything that Taplytics does, with regards to data, looks to enhance your current systems and processes wherever possible.

Omni-channel presents huge challenges for every brand. The need to address your customers in unique ways on any platform is hard. Our stance on Omni-channel strategies is that they best executed by combining best-of-breed tools for each channel and connecting them via integrated data solutions.

The challenge is that not every platform thinks and works this way, but at Taplytics we will always strive to lead the way in transparency and transportability of data. Because we know that for brands to be successful in digital channels, they need the best solutions, working in tandem.

Our promise is always to be a leader when it comes to making our customers’ data-bound lives easier.

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