Personalization:What we can learn from Pinterest, Coca Cola and Spotify

While personalization is a powerful tool companies can use to break through the clutter, companies walk a thin line between intrusive and helpful if they don’t ensure that it will enhance the overall user experience. With customer privacy concerns on the rise, businesses must proceed with caution when navigating through the wonders of personalization. Learn about push notification personalization best practices with examples from companies like Netflix, Lyft andRead more

How to Build an Experimentation Culture

Time and time again, you’ve heard about the importance of testing: the more you experiment, the faster you learn, and the faster you can drive growth. What’s less obvious is how to put testing into practice. If your team isn’t aligned around experimentation, getting people to test often makes it seem like you’re asking them to do more work. The best you’re going to get is people running one-offRead more