The Highlights

Query new events immediately with real-time data

Taplytics BigQuery gets your data as soon as it’s created by users. This means you can follow-up on issues as they happen.


Super fast queries help you try more ideas

Speed is more than a nice-to-have. Fast queries mean you can try more ideas, iterate on queries more, and just get more done.

And it scales well over a huge amount of data, which you never have to worry about doing yourself. It’s done automatically.


Connect to nearly any other service too

Do what you want with you data. You can query it directly using SQL, or you can connect your data to your favourite tools to analyze the data.


You should try it. It’ll only take a few minutes.

It’s easy to start and easy to setup. A simple start for a very powerful, and very useful service.


Find out more about getting the most out of your data!

Taplytics' success team is here to help! Whether you would like a complete dashboard or just help setting up a few queries, we will ensure you are getting the most out of your data.