Taplytics is Designed for Mobile First

Iterate constantly, release quickly, and have the insights to make something your users want.

Product Managers

Product managers and marketers are on the front lines, gathering fuzzy intelligence. An app with Taplytics integration can measure any metric that matters and provide real-time insight. Giving you the clarity you need to create the right strategy and the tools to implement it.


Deliver your app as it was intended to your audience without ever sacrificing, or relying on other people to implement your design. Taplytics offers control and flexibility to see a project through from design to deployment. Non-technical individuals can push design experiments until every screen is perfect.


Your availability just opened up. One line SDK integration will allow you to focus on the logic across all your projects without the need to sit with a designer and implement pixel change requests or integrate image assets. Taplytics' simplicity will open up your time so you can deliver truly impactful changes.

Why Taplytics?

Taplytics World Class Support

Know what your users want.

Stop having design discussions without knowing what your users want. With Taplytics User Insights, you will get a complete picture of who is using your app and how they're using it.

Update content on the fly.

Taplytics is the only mobile A/B testing platform that gives you complete flexibility to update any part of your app instantly without an App Store update.

World-class support.

We are in this together, we promise. That's why we offer the most comprehensive support on the market to all our customers.

You might be wondering...

  • Why Should I A/B Test

    A/B testing allows you to understand how your users interact with your app. With A/B testing you can test multiple hypotheses for a new design or feature and you will never be left guessing if the changes you made have a positive influence on your performance.

  • Does Taplytics support multiple platforms?

    Taplytics is proud to support A/B testing on both Android and iOS. Your users on iOS and Android are unique, so you should deliver them unique A/B tests. Taplytics makes it simple to deliver A/B tests designed specifically for each mobile platform.

  • How do you ensure the security of my data?

    We take the security of your data very seriously. Because of this we follow industry best practices to ensure your data is protected. All of our web traffic is 2048bit SSL encrypted and all user data is anonymized. For larger or enterprise customers we can offer enhanced security measures for additional protection and obfuscation of data.